Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hellgate Campground

Welcome, welcome ya'll to the big sky state of Montana! A big Thanks to the Don and Gert Christensens; Carol and Jay, Linda and Rollin and Donna and Jay!

The family drove their wagons and rode their horses to cowboy up and lasso some fun!

The party started Friday for the early arrivals as they enjoyed the boat tour of the Gates of the Mountains. You can see the beauty of that here Thanks Carol for leading us in this expedition. Those who went enjoyed the sites and avoided some of the way too friendly mosquitoes (I think we all will remember to bing a little bit more bugspray!).
Dinner that night was Desperado Wandering Tacos so that all of the wandering family members could have their fill as they arrived. That night we all set up camp and enjoyed getting re-acquainted with games and the campfire.

Playing Games

Saturday morning we woke up to Cowboy Toast, thanks Rollin for waking up Ssooo early! Not only was their Cowboy Toast, bacon and sausage, but made to order eggs! Thanks for a great start of the day.

As always we had lots of fun items for sale at the Kids Store. Everything from suckers to water toys, from My little Ponies to coloring books! I think that there were kids of all ages who enjoyed the store this year!

Following the fun at the Kids Store Jay Z. and Jay B. graced us with their Auctioning skills! Thanks to them and the "helpers" too! As always, the family brought wonderful items, some made, some bought. Thanks to everyone for the items brought and the items purchased. Our dear Aunt Dorthy, the widow of late Jerry Christensen even sent items to help in the auction! The donations are such a wonderful way for our family to continue to having these wonderful reuoins, year after year.

For Lunch we had Wrangler sandwiches and then we were all set free to lariot some fun out in the lake. More to come...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michael and Karen Loveless

This is the most recent family picture for my parents family. It is at Jared's (Mike and Karen's olddest) wedding to Stacy just this past March.
From Left to Right:
Michelle (15), Amy (20), Mike/Dad (55), Jason (22), Stacy (23), Jared (30), Cheryl/me (25), Karen/Mom (51), Ryan/my husband (27), Ashby/our daughter, Adam (28)
I am not perfect at the family tree but I will share what I know of my dads (and my) Loveless Family tree:
His Parents: Thomas Edmund Loveless and Maxine Ashby Loveless
His Grandparents: Charles Gilbert Loveless and Emma Curtis Loveless
Hopefully we can get a lot more detailed later.
Anyway, I am looking forward to this years reuion. I always love having the chance to get to see all of you cousins who are so much fun and missed when unable to make it.

Soon we'll be adding family profiles like this for all of the cousins who are interested!
Thanks for reading.