Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michael and Karen Loveless

This is the most recent family picture for my parents family. It is at Jared's (Mike and Karen's olddest) wedding to Stacy just this past March.
From Left to Right:
Michelle (15), Amy (20), Mike/Dad (55), Jason (22), Stacy (23), Jared (30), Cheryl/me (25), Karen/Mom (51), Ryan/my husband (27), Ashby/our daughter, Adam (28)
I am not perfect at the family tree but I will share what I know of my dads (and my) Loveless Family tree:
His Parents: Thomas Edmund Loveless and Maxine Ashby Loveless
His Grandparents: Charles Gilbert Loveless and Emma Curtis Loveless
Hopefully we can get a lot more detailed later.
Anyway, I am looking forward to this years reuion. I always love having the chance to get to see all of you cousins who are so much fun and missed when unable to make it.

Soon we'll be adding family profiles like this for all of the cousins who are interested!
Thanks for reading.


Joyce Mathis said...

I am a friend of Mike and Karen. I would love to hear from them. Joyce Fales Mathis enjoyfitness@charter.net

RuSty and LaLa said...

WOw I can't believe how big michelle is! Does your family still live in downey? Your mom looks fab! I didn't even recognize your brother adam. Crazy how time flies by so quickly.